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CTX Land Clearing and Forestry Mulching

Forestry Mulching Central Texas

Forestry mulching, as its name suggests, refers to the clearing and conversion of trees, brush, and other unwanted vegetation into nutrient-rich mulch which promotes the growth of desired plant life.

The process of forestry mulching, in the past, was an expensive and environmentally exhaustive one. This often involved the use of bulldozers and other large-scale machinery to accomplish a job that could have been done by far smaller and more efficient vehicles and tools. CTX Land Clearing and Forestry Mulching employs modern techniques and machinery to ensure while the land is being cleared and tree mulching is done correctly, the results are far less damaging to the health of the local ecosystem.

While the knowledge of how forestry mulching works may make sense on paper, the benefits may not be readily seen.

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What Are the Benefits of Forestry Mulching in Austin, TX

Austin forestry mulching companies will all tell you the same thing. Mulching is better than just clearing the land. Why? Industry veterans, such as ourselves, are not only ensuring that customers get the most bang for their buck but also can help ensure your land remains fertile far after our machinery has left the area. This just isn’t possible with traditional land clearing.

Forestry mulching has the following major benefits:

  • Return of Necessary Nutrients to the Cleared Land
  • Soil Preservation
  • Savings of Time and Money

First and arguably the most important, the mulch created during this process returns the precious nutrients required to nurture future growth. These include, but are not limited to, nitrogen, potassium, and phosphorus which are all necessary for the growth of plants in the area. The vegetation you do want on your land, such as trees or crops, also receives an immediate benefit as the soil becomes richer over time and spreads around your property. Not to mention the preservative nature of the mulch.

Declining to mulch in Austin, Texas will leave your soil open to erosion with the top layers becoming exposed to the elements and their good qualities sucked from them. If you are planning to plant new crops or are just hoping to have a nice full yard for your building development, that’s even more work you’d have to put in. The mulch itself acts as a protective layer against erosion as it will be facing off against the elements preserving the precious soil underneath.

On the topic of preservation, your time and money benefit from mulching versus just clearing the land outright. Especially if you are planning to raise livestock or plant crops, splitting the process into clearing the land and then having to invest in placing fertile topsoil at a later date is time and budget-consuming. Instead, leaving the mulch at the time of clearing, whether on residential or commercial land, will put you steps ahead when you’re ready to utilize your property.

How to Pick The Right Forestry Clearing Contractor

There are a lot of land clearing contractors in Hill County and its surrounding areas to choose from. It can become a confusing ordeal as there’s a lot to consider such as who has the best rates, who has the most knowledge, and even who has access to the best tools. There are a few questions you can ask to find the right team for your ranch land or just general tree clearing needs. Here’s what we recommend:

  • What is Forestry Clearing?
  • What machinery do you use to Perform Forestry Clearing?
  • Can I Get A Free Estimate?

The first question is a test of the contractor’s general knowledge and every Central Texas service worth their salt should have a good answer for it. In case you’re unsure what to listen out for – forestry clearing is the process of clearing any unwanted vegetation such as trees, brush, etc. as well as pests from a plot of land typically with large acreage.

If they pass that first question, then the next will show you how modern and environmentally conscious their techniques are. Companies like CTX Land Clearing and Forestry Mulching will not just say “bulldozers” and stop there. Bulldozers are heavy machines that suck up large amounts of diesel fuel at alarming rates that pollute the area as well as leave the topsoil worse than when they got there. We, and our peers, employ machinery that no longer aims to trample the land but instead performs the clearing and then returns matter to the earth as mulch. Any contractor that doesn’t offer both clearing and mulching should be avoided.

Finally, the most important one, can I get a free estimate? With our company, of course, you can! However, if you bump into a group that charges you for the initial evaluation before charging you again for the work, head for the door.

While these three checks can definitely weed out underqualified and underprepared land clearing services, you should also consider their range of services. CTX Land Clearing and Forestry Mulching doesn’t just clear land and mulch trees. We also provide comprehensive lot clearing services, right of way clearing, stump removal, grading and leveling, and even construction site prep including surveying! Being able to work with one contractor from beginning to end will make sure you not only get the best costs but have far fewer headaches as the project goes on.

The Brush Clearing Process

Brush and underbrush clearing, unlike tree clearing and forestry clearing, is often a far smaller job. Brush is home to insects, unwanted plants, and local wildlife. As such, first visits often involve using a specialty tool to drive away wildlife from the brush before it is removed with the use of tools specifically for the job.

Brush clearing can be limited to just the open land but can be targetted as well to railroad tracks, roads, or property fence lines. This ensures that your property is in compliance with Texas law as well as removing the unwanted brush allowing for easier management and maintenance.

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