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CTX Land Clearing and Forestry Mulching

Land Grading Central Texas

Land grading refers to the process of reshaping or conforming land to meet a particular need. This need can be adding a slope to the land to improve drainage or making the land level to prepare for construction such as a new home or addition. Grading is also important for improved irrigation of crops which is essential for farmland in and around Austin, Texas.

While you can definitely attempt to grade land yourself, hiring a land grading service such as CTX Land Clearing and Forestry Mulching is the better way to go. Grading contractors are equipped with survey equipment, standard dimensional data, and, most importantly, the expert knowledge needed to prevent future issues from arising while achieving the goals for your property.    

The Austin Land Leveling and Grading Process

In Austin, Hill County, or just about anywhere in Central Texas, knowing how land is leveled or graded is a great first step before deciding if it’s right for you.

The land leveling process typically involves the use of Bobcats and specialty attachments to level the ground as well as backfills to add topsoil back to the land. This process is used primarily when new ground is being broken in a development where even land is necessary to avoid flooding, erosion, or other costly issues that could arise. 

Grading on the other hand also involves Bobcats but can include earthmovers, tillers, and other specialized machinery to really reshape the ground. Unlike the aim to level the ground, grading extends to creating slopes optimal for water to drain off or reach the crops that need it most.

Site Prep for Future Construction

Did you know that proper land grading also has a positive effect on future commercial building and residential house development? Before starting a new construction and pouring the cement, proper grading can ensure that your foundation doesn’t crumble after just a few years of life. Proper land clearing and grading ensure that the plan you envisioned turns out exactly how you wanted it in the end. 

Going a step further, lot clearing and grading can also pave the way for new roads, railroads, and other construction jobs that just can’t afford to fail. Our team can assist with the process every step of the way and offer assistance with the below and lots more: 

  • Land Surveying
  • Soil Analysis for Structural Issues
  • Planned Design Review
  • Obtaining Permits for Land Clearing

Another consideration of site prep is how it will affect wildlife and the land around it. Tree and forestry mulching is a great option to return to the environment and ensure that unused parts of your property retain nutrient-rich topsoil that promotes the growth of wanted vegetation such as crops or grass.

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