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CTX Land Clearing and Forestry Mulching

Lot Clearing Austin Texas

Lot clearing, unlike the more general land clearing, includes the same tree and unwanted vegetation removal but often involves more targetted goals. These goals can be as simple as removing brush from the fenceline or as complicated as construction site preparation for large-scale developments.

Regardless of the reason, when you’re ready to consider clearing a lot, hiring a specialist is a must. This process will involve similar machinery to a full land clearing/mulching but will most certainly require permits before the work begins in earnest. To that end, working with a contractor will ensure everything is done right the first time. 

Open field with a single tree center, clear skies, and scattered shrubbery in the distance.

What Are Some Types of Lot Clearing Services

Lot clearing comes in a lot of varieties but outside of the typical tree removal, there are a few other services to consider. 

Right of way clearing, for example, is essential when clearing land to build new construction for creating a lot for house development. This type of clearing focuses on opening avenues for emergency services to reach their destination, utility lines and services, and of course foot and vehicle traffic passing through your land (if along a public road). This sometimes involves the need to remove trees from a lot if they get in the way of these necessary services. IE, get in the right of way for these services or individuals. 

Stump removal is also an important facet of any lot and land clearing service. Trees that are left as stumps on the property can cause unexpected issues such as roots interfering with the foundation or just appearing unsightly and lowering the commercial appeal.

Land grading is another important aspect of lot clearing that can involve leveling the land or adding slopes, excavating drainage pipes, and even creating irrigation paths for crops to flourish.   

Considerations for Residential Lot Clearing

Residential lot clearing can be as small scale as a few acres of land or as large scale as a residential community across hundreds of acres. Regardless of your acreage, the primary focus for residential lot clearing is preparing for foundation laying as well as preventing erosion/poor drainage. 

To this end, after trees and debris are removed, you’ll want to grade and level the land to make sure that what needs to be level is leveled and what needs to be sloped is graded correctly. This is a must to avoid major costs in the future due to flooding or foundation failure.

Commercial Lot Clearing for Businesses

Commercial lot clearing will typically involve construction site preparation with the expectation of a building or other commercial structure being placed there in the future. As such, surveying of the land, as well as a deep dive soil analysis, is required for the best results. Taking these steps before proper grading and leveling will ensure future construction on the site will have little to no issues. 

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